Alexander "Wolf" Huron

A strange, quiet student who nobody really had the courage to get to know.


First and foremost, Wolf is a loner. He is rumoured to have killed his father (his mother is on probation for manslaughter). Of course, rumours always tend to have at least a grain of truth to them. However, nothing changes the fact that Wolf is a giant among men – especially among the teenagers at [[Westminster School for the Exceptionally Gifted|WSEG]]. He stands at six and a half feet tall with a build that matches him. He is usually seen wearing a leather jacket over his school uniform; in fact, the teachers have since stopped asking him to take it off as he always just puts it back on whenever they leave.

Nobody really has the guts to hang out with him. Not only is he intimidating to be around, he speaks only a few words at a time in a very deep, almost inaudible voice.

Alexander "Wolf" Huron

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