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Kawaii! Magical girls are so cute!

Welcome to the Westminster School for the Exceptionally Gifted. Welcome to the next chapter in your life. Get a leg up in the educational system and really prepare yourself for the working world. 98% of all our graduates move on to accelerated programs in the top universities around the world.

...But high school is never what it seems. It’s a confusing time, where young people first discover what it means to be a person – and where they first discover the trepidations lining that path. Unfortunately, for an unlikely group of friends, their journey will prove to be more than just a little troublesome – and a lot more deadly.

An ominous cloud finds its way over the WSEG track, seemingly sapping the energy from dozens of students. And when a group of students run in to investigate, they find themselves magically transported to a world where everything is strangely familiar but vastly different. Indeed, they are not even themselves; once teenagers at a highschool, they find themselves hardened warriors and wizards.

But what are they to do? Where did the cloud come from? Why were they chosen for this? And what does this all mean?

Home Page

Kawaii-desu! DMSteve